Planet Computers Cosmo Communicator phone

Do you love to type? Real keyboards on a phone is coming back! Check out the Cosmo phone, three in one – a pocket computer, mobile phone and camera. Great for emails, messaging, editing documents, making calls and taking snaps. Planet Computers made this wonder, and it runs Android 9 (Pie) and also supports Linux OS. The only communication device you need to carry with you in all times. Comes out in June 2019.

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Welcome to the future! These are five rings worn over your fingers and thumb that register your finger or hand movements. It lets you input digital data without the need for a physical keyboard and mouse. You can use them for control the mobile phone, PC games and many other devices. Works via Bluetooth, and provides 8 hours of tapping service.

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Brydge invites you to turn your iPad Pro into the form of laptop with this new keyboard/cover. They can adjust any screen angle you desire, offer Bluetooth connection, backlit keys and come in many colors. All Brydge products come with a limited lifetime warranty, offers perfect design, 180 degrees viewing and high quality construction.

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