LG UltraGear Nano IPS Gaming Monitor

The real treat for gamers! The UltraGear Nano IPS 1ms from LG is the brand’s latest & greatest gaming monitor. It delivers lightning-fast one millisecond response times. Color reproduction & vibrancy is flawless with Nano IPS technology, it supports HDR10 & VESA DisplayHDR 400.

The world beyond your imagination

See a world beyond reach with Ultra Picture Quality. Equipped with a wider range of color and improved color reproduction, the UltraGear brings the virtual world to life with colors beyond imagination. The UltraGear breathes life into fantasy with high dynamic contrast and wide color spectrum. Its bright, hyper-realistic picture captivates, while true-to-life precision transports you to another realm.

Speed & precision

Unparalleled speed is unequivocally important for winning. With the UltraGear, your need for speed is also your secret weapon. Overcome pivotal moments and achieve victory—all without lag or a hiccup. When victory hinges on your immediate reaction to what’s on screen, the UltraGear’s high-speed refresh rate of up to 240Hz ensures that you can deal instantly in any scenario. There’s no room for error when every millisecond counts. 1ms Motion Blur Reduction allows gamers to enjoy the precision and accuracy needed to play at a high level.

Game on!

One frame can be the key to winning, or it can disrupt the course of the game. Seamless motion and imaging can deliver win after win for a triumphant victory. Get lost in an overwhelming scale of graphics with a 21:9 QHD. Get so into the game that the world on screen and the world you see are barely distinguishable. Get your game on with the UltraGear!

Two sizes are available: a 27-inch standard display with 2560 x 1440 resolution & curved screen 38-inch model with an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio.

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LG LP1419IVSM Portable Air Conditioner

Are you ready for the hottest months of the year? If you don’t have central air, and a window AC isn’t an option, get the LG LP1419IVSM portable air conditioner, the quietest and most efficient unit between hundreds of portable air conditioners. Create a comfortable space virtually anywhere with an LG portable AC. LG portable air conditioners allow you to cool your home, office, workshop and studio quietly and efficiently – even during the hot summer.

Most portable ACs are very similar, but the LG LP1419IVSM offers better cooling than other models, yet it uses less energy, makes less noise, and can dial in a more precise comfort level than other models. The difference is in its dual-rotor, DC-powered compressor, a contrast to the alternating current found on most air conditioners.

Rather than running only at max speed or nothing, the LG can operate at a continuously variable speed, so the unit has a lot more flexibility in how it reaches the desired temperature in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. The LG has low volume measurements, and other nice features, for example, compatibility with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, smartphone control via LG’s app, and a remote – giving you a lot of options for how to operate it.

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LG OK99 XBOOM 1800W Home Entertainment System

How does the ultimate party look like? Most definitely – great people and great music! 1800 watts of power, LED Party Lighting, DJ set, and tremendous bass – it’s all in LG’s OK99 Home Entertainment System for the best parties ever. We don’t lie, this wireless speaker not just gives you a party, it is a party.

The party-ready OK99 all-in-one entertainment system is a smart choice for any celebration. When a DJ wants to really rock the house, it’s all about the bass. This powerful all-in-one speaker pumps out thumping, thunderous low-end from its mighty 12-inch woofer for bass you can feel as well as hear. What makes dancing even better? The right lighting! This system offers a variety of exciting effects, including Dual Strobe, and Dance Lighting that lets the light pulse to the beat of the music, so everyone can see the rhythm as well as hear it.

Get ready to croon along with any tune: this feature suppresses the vocal frequencies of a song, making any track ready to play behind a new lead singer! It can even change the key of the song to better suit the voice of the singer. Big, booming sound has never been easier to deliver. This powerful speaker features integrated carrying handles as well as smooth-rolling wheels to help anyone transport this serious gear with minimal effort.

Anyone can be a DJ with Pro DJ Features. Turn the jog wheel for scratching and add other various sound effects while looping a specific part of the track by simply pushing a button. Two USB inputs allow you to connect multiple USB-enabled devices at the same time, for greater convenience. You can also transfer files from one USB drive to another, and record from different inputs including CD, AUX and FM radio.

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Probably, the most advanced consumer TV set ever created – 8K OLED TV from LG – comes out this week and promises something extraordinary. The 88Z9 has an 88-inch OLED panel with 8K Ultra HD resolution (7680 x 4320) which are four times more pixels than 4K. The OLED panel itself is the largest that LG has ever shipped in a TV.

LG TV features a second-generation Alpha 9 8K processor that uses deep learning algorithms to help upscale images to a higher resolution. LG says the TV will also use deep learning to generate virtual 5.1 surround sound with support for Dolby Atmos.

The 8K TV set will be available in North America and Europe in the third quarter of this year.

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The TV of the future is here. LG’s roll-up TV already blown us away in 2018, when the flexible OLED screen material rolled into a compact tube inside the box or table. Now it’s younger version is available only in a 65-inch size and have a nicer look. The goal here is to give you advanced digital entertainment device and save the place in your home. With three different viewing options (full view, line view, and zero view) this new gadget already ranks high in the world of digital screens. It will go on sale later this year.

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