SmartHalo 2 Biking Device

The future of intelligent biking, a swiss army knife for bikes, the best invention since the wheel – it’s your time to try SmartHalo 2 by yourself! It is an all-in-one connected device, designed by cyclists, for cyclists. Navigation, Alarm, Fitness, Light, Assistant – you have to agree, we need those on our bikes.

Discover new routes with clear navigation signals. It protects your bike with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm. It lights your way with a completely redesigned, all-powerful front light. It tracks and displays your cycling metrics without having to push a single button, syncing with the fitness apps you already use. It keeps you connected to what matters with the brand new, customizable PeekDisplay. And it looks, feels, and works unlike any bike computer out there. 

It’s all about minimalism and simplicity. That’s why there’s no on or off button on SmartHalo. It greets you with a colorful animation of your choice as soon as you hop on your bike and turns off on its own when you’re done riding.

It’s you who choose which bike metrics to display. Need some help getting to your destination? Choose the route type you prefer. You can even define your own shortcuts: an easy way to trigger the features you use most, without taking your phone out.

Your bike, your ride, your SmartHalo. 

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Nreal Light mixed reality glasses

Low-profile mixed reality glasses from Nreal, presented in CES 2019, look and feel almost like ordinary sunglasses, so you can use it in the open anywhere, anytime. The real world and the unreal world – you can see them both at the same time!

The Nreal Light glasses surprisingly offer a sharp and vivid image, thanks to 1080p laser projectors (up to 60 fps) for each eye, and a 52-degree field of view. The frame has dual microphones along the top for clearer reception, along with stereo speakers towards the end of both foldable arms (or you can switch to Bluetooth headphones), plus brightness buttons on one of the arms.

Nreal glasses offers magnetic prescription lenses and the whole thing weigh only 85 grams. The Nreal Light runs off a separate Android pocket device (powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845) that you can wear on your neck or clip onto your pocket. This can run for around three hours on a single charge. In the future, you can even plug the Light into any smartphone or PC via USB-C.

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DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Sun and Planets

Are you mesmerized about the Universe? Do you like to look into the stars and wonder about creation and eternity? Bring something from that on your desktop or bedside table! Meet DeskSpace – a handcrafted solar system – a mood light and desk accessory, consisting of the Sun and each of the nine planets. It’s interesting to even look at them, don’t you think?

The Sun has made using Golden Calcite with unique texture and clarity – this gemstone allows the light radiate into the room. All the planets also are made of polished gemstones, all sizes to scale and polished to a mirror finish. Powered by USB cable the Sun is an ideal mood lamp for bedroom or sitting room when you want to create an ambient environment or to feel the warmth in any room you’re in. Or imagine it as a gift for a sun-lover or explorer of the universe. Serves as a small but powerful decor as well.

Every planet goes on custom made CNC metal base from Aerospace grade Aluminium and comes with a letter of Authenticity with a unique serial number and a polishing cloth. DeskSpace offers S, M, and L sizes and gives you a little extra with your purchase – a booklet full of interesting and not-known facts about the Sun and our Solar System. There are images and interesting details for everyone who just loves to know more.

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Sdeter Bulb Lamp IP Camera

Why is this light bulb so special? It uses the Internet Protocol technology (IP), it means Sdeter Bulb Lamp not even works as a light source but also as a camera. This spherical camera records a 360° panorama surveillance at all times (most cameras do 60°-75°) and gives a 3D perspective and covers an area of 100m² (most cameras cover up to 30m²). Buy it for affordable price, install DIY, and control it through an app.

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Do you like to ride with a bicycle? Then you need this one for safety. CYCL Winglights360 highlights your presence on the road and shows the safe distance for other vehicles. It uses built-in magnets for staying on your bike’s handlebars. Mastered from CNC aluminum, waterproof, charges via micro USB (30 min – 3 hours of continuous light mode).

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Barebones Forest Lantern

The classic is the best in this case, as proves Barebones with these Forest Lanterns. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries put out 325 lumens of warm light for up to 4 hours. If you keep low light settings, one will glow for 80 hours. A steel body finish in Antique Bronze, Satin Nickel or Red color.

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EcoSense Lighting Rise Lighting System

Imagine a 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt angle from one single adjustment point. The RISE lighting system interests us with its minimalistic and compact design as well as its powerful technical features such as a five-degree beam angle and a light output of 300 to 11,000 lumens. It is a creative lighting solution, and a enrichment to any architecture.

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Do sports, climb, cave or run in the dark without not seeing the road and without motion sickness with these Ra’s LED lights. To maximize the efficiency Kogalla has designed Ra with five lighting modules for you to be able clearly see the environment around you even in black night. Instead of lighting up a spot, Ra lights up an entire area giving 800 continuous lumens of warm, natural light.

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