Mui Calm Design Device

One of the biggest surprises in CES 2019 was this natural wood piece. What’s special with it, you ask? It is a smart home control hub. Touch it and you will see a display, and then – check the news and weather, control smart devices in your house, send messages and after that this smart piece will automatically shut down, so you can spend quality time with your family or rest from technology. Serves as a smart speaker for Google Home and Alexa. The best thing – it doesn’t require your attention! Like a not-demanding smart phone on the wall. We naturally like it, and you?

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The Q Wooden Bike

The Q spent 200 hours crafting a rideable bicycle out of wood, and this is a result. This darling is made entirely out of wood (frame, wheels, chain, seat, pedals, everything). If we remember that first bikes in the world were made of wood, this is looking even better. Not for sale, just for bike-lovers, your pleasure and interest. Bone voyage!

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