HyperJuice 130W USB-C Battery + Charger Bundle

There is no comparison with this 100+60-watt HyperJuice charger. This is the world’s most powerful USB-C power bank & the largest capacity Li-ion battery approved for air travel. It delivers dual 27k mAh USB-C power plus 18W USB-A quick charge for mobile devices.

Recharge from empty to full in 1 hour! HyperJuice delivers the 2 most powerful USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 profiles (100W and 60W) in a single battery pack. The manufacturer also throws in a powerful 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port for mobile devices, and combine HyperJuice’s 100W input & a 100W charger and it will only take 1 hour to full charge the 100Wh battery from empty.

Works for everything! At the same time! This bundle has minimalistic aircraft grade aluminum design that matches the MacBook perfectly. You can quickly charge MacBook, iPad, iPhoneQuick, a large laptop (15″ MacBook Pro), a midsize laptop/tablet (13″ MacBook Pro, 12″ MacBook, 12.9″ iPad Pro) & a mobile device (iPad, iPhone) all at the same time. It also works with any USB-C & USB-AAlso charge any USB device like cameras, GoPros, headphones, speakers, VR headsets, Nintendo Switches & even drones.

Available in space grey or aluminum to match your Mac.

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This one is a mach! Look at this clean and cable-free design for this power bank. It’s made from premium materials and with respect for the environment. Pluto Wireless power bank is the Qi-enabled charger, delivering super fast charges for your mobile phone. Up to 20 hours battery life and fully charges in 2 hours.

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