Wicked Lasers LaserCube

Better don’t point this new gadget to your head, though as this projector can produce a surprisingly powerful, class 4 laser beam with can actually cut through plastic and do engravings when it’s not used as an entertainment unit.

LaserCube is a small, heavy, rock solid cube that’s made of thick metal, 3mm fit on all sides and the build quality is really nice as well. It’s pleasant to have a touch of some cold metal in our plastic world.

The components inside the Wicked Lasers LaserCube is the most interesting part, of course. This device has 3 lasers – Red, Green and Blue. Making it a full RGB color range projector. It then combines the 3 beams in a single powerful one to achieve any color you want and, uses sensors to move it around.

LaserCube will project a ton of different premade shows if you get the free software for your Android device. You can check and see the projections ahead of time even without the laser activated.

This tiny enclosure delivers a performance that is truly impressive. Check it out on the official website by clicking the BUY button.

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XGIMI MoGo Pro 1080P Android TV Portable Projector

It’s time to expand with your Android! Now you can enjoy the full possibilities of your smart gadget, using advanced full HD Android TV portable projector XGIMI MoGo Pro. With a screen size of 100+ inches, you can watch movies, TV shows, play games, and surf the internet anywhere you want. The premium sound comes from Harman-Kardon, the power – from true 1080p cinematic projection, TV-grade Chipset, and Android TV system.

Top Chinese brand XGIMI makes a wide range of portable projectors, and this March it’s time for MoGo Pro come out and surprise the world. It’s an unlimited entertainment, featuring highest ANSI Lumen pocket projector, Android TV system with 4000+ apps, built-in Google Assistant, mirroring from your phone via Chromecast, TV-grade Chipset, and even 30,000 hours LED lifespan.

The new DLP (Digital Light Processor) allows the MoGo Pro projector to show much sharper, clear and detailed projections than mainstream 720p projectors. It’s perfect for gaming and Blu-ray movies, and it also supports up to the 4K video input. Who needs to go out when the cinema can be set up right in your home? For the best sound quality, MoGo Pro is powered by Harman-Kardon with dual 3 Watt speaker units for the cinematic sound experience. The sound is professionally toned by Gold Ear Philosophy. You can also connect MoGo via Bluetooth or 3.5mm Audio cable and use it as an external Bluetooth speaker. You can Enjoy 300 songs on a single charge! 

MoGo Pro uses the official Android TV 9.0, works with the Google Play Store. The more you explore the new MoGo Pro, the more you want to try it out!

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Sony LSPX-A1 4K Home Theater Projector

A crowning achievement of CES 2018 and Red Dot Design Award winner – Sony’s LSPX-A1 4K Home Theater Projector gives you clear and vivid images with a size of up to 120”. Made of marble, metal, and wood LSPX-A1 blends in your home. It could be seen as a piece of furniture and even be placed against the wall. Feel the screen as a real-life accompaniment!

The Projector delivers 360-degree sound with clear treble. The interesting fact is, that the speakers pass directly over into the legs of the unit, rendering them virtually invisible. The same applies to the speakers and ventilation slots covered with mesh skin, thus staying concealed for the viewer. This is a fine example of high-grade technology integrated into your living room. The laser projector reaches a peak brightness of 2500 lumens.

What can Sony tell? With the engineered marble top, half mirror finished aluminum frame, and wooden shelf, the LSPX-A1 enriches your living environment while complementing its décor. The premium furniture-like design blends into your living space and appears as an attractive piece of furniture rather than a component-heavy entertainment system. The thoughtful design of the rear cover allows for easy cable management to conceal connectors hidden within.

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XGIMI Z6 Polar 1920x1080 Mini Projector

Full package! One of the largest consumer technology industry events in the world CES 2019 gives you Z6 Polar home projector from XGIMI. It is a 180-inch screen with full HD, Four Channels Optical Path Design, in other words – a professional high-definition gear you’ll love to watch videos and movies on. Fast auto focus, built-in harman kardon superior sound quality and super aesthetic design. Reddot award 2018.

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