BMW R18 2019 Concept

“With this dream bike, BMW Motorrad presents its own version of an emotional and authentic offer for the large cruiser segment,” just announced Dr. Markus Schramm, head of BMW Motorrad, describing the design of this new ride. This year BMW Motorrad presents the BMW Motorrad Concept R18. The new concept is taking historical motorcycle design and giving it a modern, custom attitude.

The BMW Motorrad Concept R18 shows how a forward projection of a 1960s boxer engine could look like today as a purist custom bike in combination with all the classic design icons of BMW Motorrad design. “With its clear aesthetics openly on display, the Concept R18 embodies for me what motorcycling, at its core, is really about. It is all about feeling instead of thinking, and not using technology for self-staging, instead of giving space for imagination. This concept bike appeals to something deep down – you just want to just get on it and ride off. But when you get off it again, you don’t just put it in the garage and walk away – you turn around again and give it a final parting glance”, explains Edgar Heinrich, head of BMW Motorrad Design.

The BMW Motorrad Concept R18 is immediately recognizable as a genuine BMW: boxer engine, cradle frame, exposed universal shaft and drop-shaped fuel tank with its black paintwork and hand-applied contrast lines interpret typical design icons of BMW Motorrad classics while displaying confidence along with modern-style linearity. The balanced proportions are reminiscent of classics like the BMW R5 and convey – even from a distance – the timeless beauty that comes about whenever things are consistently reduced to their bare essentials. 

Officials say a production version is coming in 2020.

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Hyundai Elevate

What if there is a natural disaster and difficulties to reach some places and rescue people? Or future is just coming so fast? CES 2019 represents Hyundai’s walking car “Elevate”, the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV). This ride with robotic legs allow users to drive, walk or even climb. Actually the possibilities of “Elevate” are limitless, and it can also give help to people  worldwide with disabilities. Te design is capable of both riding and using its legs, allowing to move in any direction and keeping its body and passengers completely level.

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The Q Wooden Bike

The Q spent 200 hours crafting a rideable bicycle out of wood, and this is a result. This darling is made entirely out of wood (frame, wheels, chain, seat, pedals, everything). If we remember that first bikes in the world were made of wood, this is looking even better. Not for sale, just for bike-lovers, your pleasure and interest. Bone voyage!

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Step on and go! Stator is made to be simple, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly scooter, mainly for short distances. Advanced technology is hidden in its 4130 chromoly frame, max speed 40 km/h, max power 1000 W, 4 hours charge time, 40.8 kg weight, and 118 kg carrying capacity. This self balancing vehicle will be your best friend in 2019.

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