Roli Lumi Illuminated Keyboard

You’re watching at the illuminated keyboard that lets you play great songs and learn music in a fun and smart way! Have you ever wanted to learn to play the piano? Maybe you think it’s hard, but it’s not! The Lumi from Roli lets everyone play and jam along to hit songs. Everything is connected by light and color. Just follow the colors in the app and the lights on the keyboard, and you can’t go wrong.

This is for anyone who ever wanted to play an instrument. It’s also for people who want to revive forgotten piano skills, and it’s even for musicians who want a fun, portable way to play. The Roli Brightkey technology makes it the brightest keyboard ever made. State-of-the-art ray trace analysis and a Fresnel Lens-inspired design create 10,800 millicandela of light in each key distributed from end to end.

Compact and lightweight, LUMI Keys can travel anywhere. At just 600g it weighs less than an iPad Pro. It’s smaller than almost all laptops, so it fits easily in bags and backpacks. When you’re taking LUMI on the go, you can protect the keyboard in style with a custom-made Snapcase.

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Roli Seaboard Rise 25 Ultimate Expressive Keyboard

The Seaboard is an expressive invention of the piano keyboard combined with the possibilities of a synthesizer. Smooth, touch-responsive, and super-sensitive, its surface lets you bend, deepen, and modulate sounds in ways that make a standard keyboard feel two-dimensional. More musical expression is right at your fingertips!

The Seaboard Rise 25 has 25 key ways to make hundreds of sounds. You can play wirelessly over Bluetooth, and it’s compatible with music production software. The Rise is made of premium, durable materials, so you can play it with a whole range of dynamic. Software bundle: Equator, Strobe2, Tracktion Waveform, Bitwig 8-Track.

Roli has been making unconventional electronic music instruments for about a decade now, and this year it’s time for the Seaboard series. Take the traditional keyboard design and infuse it with some notable tricks, like pressure-sensitive keys that allow for far more modulation effects than you can do on a piano. That looks into the future, creating unique combination or synth, piano and drum pad.

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