Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Skis 2019

Do you love the best of the best? One of the most balanced, versatile rides around, the Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Skis will elevate the skiing experience for advanced and expert skiers alike. These skis combine an all-terrain rocker and 88 waist and make your ride smooth and powerful.

Take advantage of the mountains! Taking a cue from its 7 Series powder skis, Rossignol built the new Experience 88 Ti with subtle tapering instead of flaring. Adapted for every terrain and snow conditions, Rossignol’s new All-Terrain Rocker profile delivers a more balanced blend of hard snow precision and soft snow playfulness.

The longer, more progressive tip and early rise tail profiles are adjusted across each model, delivering more targeted all-terrain performance and the freedom to excel in all conditions. Rossignol’s progressive sidecut profile unleashes more playfulness and fluidity to drift, smear, and carve through any terrain or snow conditions. The rounded tip and tail profiles offer instant engagement and release turns with ease for playful manipulation of changing snow and terrain.

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Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet

What are you looking for in a helmet? Safety, of course, and… design, comfort, lightness, brand? Maybe all of it! Sweet Protection offers the Switcher – the most comfortable helmet ever (tested by more than a dozen human beings), it accommodated a wide range of head sizes and handled temperature swings with aplomb.

This helmet includes a MIPS construction that helps to reduce rotational forces in the event of a crash and a magnetic closure on the strap. Not only the safety defines this gear of the year, but also it’s versatility and adjustability. For example, you can open and close 22 vents with one hand wearing gloves.

What makes the Switcher special? Advanced hybrid shell technology – variable elasticity hybrid construction that is a combination of hard shell and in-mold helmets. The hard shell reinforces the circumference of the helmet, transferring impact loads, while the in-molded areas ensure elasticity. Impact shield technology – helmets with impact shields feature a molded shock absorbing EPS liner with impact shield inserts that provide unsurpassed performance for shock absorbance. This is Sweet Protection’s premium protection technology for high-speed impacts; it distributes impact from the inside of the helmet over larger areas in crucial zones where the head needs it (front and back). And MIPS – the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System incorporates a low-friction layer integrated into the helmet. This design reduces rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

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DAHU Ski Boot

The evolution of skiing? European bootmaker Dahu comes with a revolutionary product called The Ski Boot. The collection of Winter 2019-2020 presents the next level of technical ski shell and a luxurious winter boot. Made in Switzerland, Dahu delivers the future of skiing and mountain climbing. Make your winter an amazing adventure!

For a perfect moment on any mountain. The creation of these Ski Boots involved the best composites such as Italian leather and aircraft-grade aluminum. For example, the Ecorce 01 is made up of a lace-up liner boot that is waterproof with rubber soles and PrimaLoft insulation. The Grilamid polyamide composite shell opens up wide enough for you to step in and it stays stable doing activities.

In the mountains, as in life, success relies upon adaptation, states Dahu and believes in transformations and envolving. That’s why the Ski Boots are the alchemy of luxury and technology. The key features are interchangeable heel and toe plates for longevity, micro-adjust buckles for a custom fit, and Velcro power strap.

Available in multiple configurations fall 2019.

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