FORM Swim Goggles – Augmented reality swimming

FORM Swim Goggles is a new cool gadget of 2019 that gives you a futuristic swimming experience, tracks your performance and displays live metrics on a heads-up display, right before your eyes in a style similar to the Google Glass. These swimming goggles are mainly meant for people who are serious about their swimming performance and want to take it to the next level.

FORM is a young fitness gadgets company and their idea behind these swimming goggles is that while there are many fitness trackers with swimming features available on the market, none is made specifically for swimming. And their solution is augmented reality.

The resolution on the display is not particularly high but it delivers necessary information to your line of sight in a clearly visible and comprehensible way.

These goggles will show you mostly fitness data, like stroke count, calories, distance, split time and more.

You can connect them to your phone but it’s not necessary as they also work in stand-alone mode.

Check them out on FORM’s official website by clicking the BUY button.

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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR SmartWatch

The new model of the well-known Xiaomi Amazfit watch line is here. And this new smartwatch of 2019 is impressive. Super-impressive.

First off, let’s start with the design. It is not only a smart watch, but it also looks very clean and classy and that’s how we like our smart-watches to be. You can choose from two colors for the strap that has a leather look on the outside but on the inside, it’s actually silicone rubber which feels really comfortable and is good for keeping the watch on while doing sports or even swimming. Yes, this model comes with a promise of 15m water resistance. We haven’t tested it, though.

The display is a 1.39” corning Gorilla Glass Amoled display with aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame. With a PPI density of 326, that is retina level with 454×454 resolution. The glass has an anti-fingerprint coating. The Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR smartwatch also features built-in GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 and a 410 mAh battery. Xiaomi claim that their new smart watch of 2019 has got 25 days worth of battery power for normal everyday use. The battery in this new gadget is amazing. You’ve got a smartwatch which almost doesn’t need to be charged

It has two physical buttons in addition to the touch controls. One of the buttons is for opening the menu and waking up the watch if it’s in the sleep mode. The second button you can set up to be a shortcut to any function or app you want. That’s a really cool feature but the way Xiaomi has designed it, it only works if you’re not in menus or other apps.

You can change and customize the watch face and it’s most easy to set it up using a smartphone app that you can also use to keep track of your health stats, notifications and everything else you might want.

Check it out on GeekBuy and get yours today (click the BUY button).

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Woolsey Smart Desk – functionality, luxury, durability

Nothing was left out when designing the Woolsey Smart Desk. It’s a total solution if you want to keep everything super-organized while at the same time enjoy a beautiful luxury desk.

Ok, so let’s look at some of the features.

This desk has 3 drawers with a soft close mechanism and the desktop and drawer fronts are made from Premium Black Walnut with an embedded QI fast charger for quick wireless charging. The drawers on the sides have cable slots so you can charge your devices while keeping them in the drawers. In the right drawer, you’ll find a magnetized power unit. A black walnut desk accessory organizer that you can utilize either in a drawer or on the desktop is also included. All of the corners and edges are rounded, providing a soft and comfortable feel.

The Woolsey Smart Desk’s height is adjustable in the range of 24.5” to 49.5” with an electric dual-motor system with a built-in anti-collision stop that’s designed to run smoothly and effortlessly, without much noise, and a remote that has 4 stop locations and you can set it to your personal height preference.

You want your cables to stay neat and tidy and there is integrated cable management just for that purpose.

It also comes with a surge protector with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports that provide more capacity than other typical smart desks.

And, as you might expect, the frame has been built for durability and is coated with black powder.

Check out this awesome desk on the official Sean Woolsey Studio homepage by clicking the BUY button.

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Xiaomi Townew T1

How smart is it really? The Townew promises, and as can be seen around the web, also delivers on the promise of making taking out your trash and changing the bag that much easier.

Once the container is filled, at a press of a button Townew will seal the old bag using heat so you can remove it without getting your hands dirty and, then it will automatically replace it with a new, clean bag (and a cartridge of around 25-28 trash bags comes included). If it starts to go overboard the Townew has sensors for that and will warn you.

Townew T1 has a built-in battery, back power input and a back on/off button.

Also, it has a balancing foot and feels quite sturdy. The capacity is 15.5 liters, the battery is 2000 mAh and it uses a 12v power adapter.

It features a nice, blue LED light inside and has all the sensors needed.

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