Kispa Hands-Free Sensor Soap Dispenser

Now you can reduce the packaging material for liquid soaps and raise the level of hygiene in your bathroom. The soup dispenser Kispa works with small lather tablets, which are placed in the battery-powered dispenser and dissolved in water. A pump transforms the resulting soap liquid into washing foam. The Kispa is easy to refill and runs without noise.

The kispa works with a motion sensor and also protects the environment with its sophisticated construction. With a small size and lightweight, the effervescent tablets help to reduce CO2 emissions from unnecessary transportation and packaging. Its unobtrusive design blends harmoniously into any bathroom interior.

The dispenser is made from upper and bottom structures. Thanks to the one-key operation of the upper cover, that makes it easy enough to clean and add liquid. The built-in sensor detects movements, provides a fresh and skin-friendly experience by transforming the soap liquid into smooth foam. The device is battery powered, charged one time can work for 6 months.

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Peppermint scented, extremely cleansing grenade-soap for refreshing freedom! The K Bar Soap Company respects Marine Corps, Veteran community and all patriots of freedom all around the world. And these are soaps with personality, not cheap mainstream things. Cold-processed soaps naturally produce glycerin, and also are a saponification of olive, coconut, and avoca. To make Showering Great Again.

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For shampooing, bathing, showering and shaving, all in one! Grandpa Soap Company (Ohio, USA) produces all kinds of natural care products from 1930s. Pine Tar soap is only one of them, all-natural, cruelty-free formulations, vintage-looking product. Company also offers soaps with Epsom salt, hazel or charcoal.

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