HD Mask

Whether you want to keep an eye on what’s going on in your home, office or warehouse while you’re absent or simply enjoy spy and security gadgets, the powerful HD Mask 1080P surveillance camera hidden inside a USB phone charger might be worth a look.

Phone chargers are common nowadays so it doesn’t draw much attention to itself and it the charger actually works so you can charge your other gadgets while the HD Mask Surveillance Camera keeps recording.

It’s a plug-n-play type of device that will work in any outlet and should be easy to connect to your phone, tablet or PC. It can do continuous recording but is also equipped with motion detection sensors so it will record only when someone is in the room.

The HD Mask has a Micro SD card slot as well as Wi-Fi streaming capabilities and high-quality videos that should look good even with low light, surely a nice choice for your everyday home surveillance needs. You’ll need to get the app on Google Play or App Store, though.

Currently available from the official website (click the BUY button below the image).

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Nest Cam IQ Surveillance Camera

The sharper way to look after your home, with Supersight and intelligent algorithms that can tell a person from a thing, it’s Nest Cam IQ. The built-in Google Assistant helps manage tasks and answer questions.

Every Nest Cam plugs into power so it won’t miss a second, can send helpful notifications to your phone, and is designed with an all-glass lens and premium materials. This surveillance camera features a 4K sensor with HDR, a 130-degree lens and 940 nm infrared LEDs.

Intelligent features serve up the most important, actionable information like knowing that the children have arrived home safely or that there is a stranger in the house. With its clean design, the Nest Cam IQ indoor shows the principle of simplicity in a fresh way.

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