Turbo Levo is a fully-fledged progressive trail bike, made in Switzerland. This one is even better, lighter, slimmer, stiffer, and has incredibly capable package. Magnesium-bodied 2.1 motor amplifies your input by up to 410%, battery capacity has increased by 40% comparing with company’s latest Stumpjumper. The initial travel is supple—perfect for smoothing out small bumps and trail chatter. Better. Faster. Mighty.

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Swiss Tool Box is a real handcrafted set and includes seven pieces for best possible result – hammer, folding ruler, Ranger Wood Swiss Army knife, mini-ratchet tool, Knipex combination pliers, water pump pliers and a universal bit holder with 16 pieces. They are build to last for many generations! All is housed inside a wooden case with leather handle. Height 9.84”, width 13.39”, depth 2.56”.

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