Tag Heuer Golf Edition Watch

This is a must-have for any golfer, a brand new app from Tag Heuer for tracking and improving your game. Use your smartphone or smartwatch for better results: to know the distance to the green, know the score or track or track your shot distances.

You will love amazing 3D renderings that show the course, landscape and your progress with high-contrast and clearly visible graphics. WOrks even in bright sunlight. Tag Heuer Golf knows greens, bunkers, water hazards, trees and everything in your way, and measures the distance to them as well. Depending on the landscape the app will let you chose witch golf club to join or pick this time.

You can even compare your results with other golfers around the world! Entering your score is extremely easy. Whether you play Stroke Play, Match Play or Stableford, Tag Heuer Golf will calculate your Gross, Net and to Par scores. Track your progress and improve your skills with comprehensive collections of stats. Just record your strokes, and TAG Heuer Golf will do the rest.

The app requires Android 5 or higher, and for Apple users, at least an iPhone 5s running iOS11 or higher. For more freedom, play

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Alec Monopoly Tag Heuer special edition

Do you love watches? Are you looking for something extraordinary? Combine street art with Swiss savoir-faire and you’ll get Alec Monopoly’s TAG Heuer Formula 1 and TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01. In other words – colorful, original, special and avant-garde.

Used to breaking codes, Alec Monopoly conveys all his audacity to the dial of an emblematic and sporty watch: the TAG Heuer Formula 1. Bright and pop colors: the artist from New York unveils a unique design, just like him.

Specially decorated with Alec Monopoly’s signature, the back of the sapphire crystal case reveals all the complexity of the Calibre Heuer 01. Signature movement of TAG Heuer, it provides excellent performances to this original watch. A street art world star, Alec Monopoly is always one step ahead of his time. Childhood heroes, pop icons… Everyone knows the characters he has portrayed. But his own face is always hidden away by a mask and a hat. A taste for anonymity that comes directly from the streets. Just like his art. At the avant-garde, uncompromising, creative: Alec Monopoly has everything to be the Art Provocateur of TAG Heuer.

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