C Seed 301 4K Widescreen TV

If you are looking for the biggest TV there is, we bring to you the 301 from C Seed. It’s bright enough to watch in the middle of the day and heavier than many cars, the C Seed 301 is a gigantic outdoor screen. And yes, it measures 301 inches from corner to corner and rises from a covered underground lair when it sits, folded until it’s viewing time. It then rises 19 feet in the air and unfolds its titanium and carbon fiber body in a little over a minute, displaying your videos in 4K resolution.

The C Seed Entertainment Systems offers minimalistic design with impeccable craftsmanship to create leading-edge luxury electronics and new entertainment experience. The world’s largest widescreen TV is also the world’s first weatherproof outdoor cinema with powerful Hyde 125 loudspeakers, providing superior sound.

L-Acoustics passive speaker technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing and powerful brilliance. Each speaker projects a 110-degree beam angle, enabling the system to cover even large scale terraces while providing a thoroughly solid, stable sound experience.

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The TV of the future is here. LG’s roll-up TV already blown us away in 2018, when the flexible OLED screen material rolled into a compact tube inside the box or table. Now it’s younger version is available only in a 65-inch size and have a nicer look. The goal here is to give you advanced digital entertainment device and save the place in your home. With three different viewing options (full view, line view, and zero view) this new gadget already ranks high in the world of digital screens. It will go on sale later this year.

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