Spiegel II – Wireless Fast Charger and Car Phone Holder in One

Spiegel II, 2nd generation is a circular wireless charger that’s also a car phone holder. It’s an improvement upon the 1st generation of these holders who were not too bad but had some issues that have been addressed with this new gadget of 2019.

The Spiegel II supports fast charging and has a 2-in-1 base that you can either glue to the panel or window using the supplied 3M glue, or unscrew the base and it reveals an airway mount that’s a great alternative.

The official site says that it’s compatible with iPhone 8 and later models as well as Samsung Galaxy & Note devices but probably can work most other devices that support fast wireless charging.

The Nano Suction layer pads are very sticky but still, keep in mind that cleaning them once a week with a cleaning solution is still recommended for them to keep their grip.

It comes with a USB Cable and some surface cleaning tape as well as the already mentioned 3M glue in case you want to glue the holder instead of mounting it on the airway.

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RavPower Wireless Charging Pad

The truth is, not all chargers are made equal, and things like form, materials, size, and of course, how fast it can actually charge your phone, re very important. Checking all the available chargers in the market, we came to the conclusion to declare this fast Wireless Charger with HyperAir Qi Wireless Charging Pad from RavPower as a winner. Why?

It works for both iOS & Android devices, 7.5W for iPhone and 10W for Samsung. It’s 2 x faster than traditional 3.5W – 5W wireless chargers.  The RavPower’s device is Qi-certified and also comes with a HyperAir Wireless Charger. This gear detects device instantly, saving you precious time.

Smart indicator with LED light flickers green when your device is charging and turns solid green when it’s fully charged. And the sleek and compact design makes it the perfect accessory for any room. RavPower redefines fast wireless charging. It’s compatible with iPhone XS Max XS XR X 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7 and Note8 (not compatible with Note9).

The safety is also important! HyperAir features triple temperature controls disperse heat 15% faster and more effectively. And fail-safe circuitry prevents overcharging, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, and short circuit. Please do not place anything between your iPhone and charger, or it will stop working. Does not charge through phone cases thicker than 0.12 in / 3 mm.

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ENERQi The Invisible Fast Wireless Charger

Keep it under a table and charge your phone just putting it on the table! How easy is that? We’ve been waiting for something like this, and here it is – ENERQi, fast wireless charger for thick desk and table tops. It gives 10W charge up to 40 mm away.

Just mount ENERQi under the surface of your table, desk or any furniture, while your phone charges on the surface. This charger can turn practically any piece of furniture in your home or office into a Fast Wireless Charging station.

The next generation of wireless charging is here. Simply plug-in the Fast Wireless Charger using its USB-C to Fast-Power Adaptor brick, mount ENERQi under the surface using its reusable adhesive mount, or screws for a more permanent fix, and begin charging your phone. The true Plug-n-Play device, no construction experience required.

ENERQi brings 3-years of research and development into one gadget including smart-phone and metal detection, auto-shutoff, auto-sleep mode, an eco-cooling design, and is the first and only Qi wireless charger that offers both loose & tightly coupled multi-coils that offer inductive magnetic resonance wireless charging at up to 40 millimeters [1.57 inches] with ENERQi nano offering a range of 15 millimeters [0.59 inches].

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The Nomodo Trio

To be honest, what else do you need than a cup of coffee and a smartphone? Everything else can wait, but not The Nomodo Trio quick wireless charger and a plate for your coffee mug or ice cold water glass. One device gives you Qi fast charging technology and a hot/cold spot for a definitely better day.

There are people in Detroit who wants to shake up the industry and create high-quality products not just for their appearance, but function at first. Perfect for the office, staying at home, gaming night or chillin’ with friends. Purchasing this device you’ll get the Nomodo Trio, power adapter, coffee cup and warranty for a year. So like it hot or keep it cool, it’s your choice!

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Gaze Tray wireless charger

Do you want to keep it clean and simple? No wires, no mess, just function and aesthetics. Gaze Tray gives you its wireless charger with 5 charging options: phone charging platform, Apple Watch charger, AirPod charger, free AirPod charging case and 2 USB ports. Know by color whether your devices are charging properly (blue – standby, red – misplaced, green – charging). It’s so minimalistic and simple, and weights only 450 g, you can’t miss it!

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