Large walls and modern interior goes together only with exquisite lights. Al Decimo is equipped with a pressure mechanism and works with a light touch. The Red Dot Award winning wall luminaire will compliment the interior of your home with its integrated design and effective, indirect lighting.

The space of your house is a special, private zone and everything has to be in its right spot, in its right way, even the light. Your habits and routine define your living space, and Al Decimo is here to help you decorate it. The surfaces, parting spaces, the brightness, colors, furniture, everything is important and affects the lighting. What atmosphere do you want to create?

A wall lamp like Al Decimo can inspire your imagination, because from the design of its light it opens up to endless possibilities, in order to create personalized and unique interiors. When it is closed, the light only shows its square perimeter, while in the open position, the light beam is projected over the wall. When the lamp is closed, the power of the light is automatically regulated via dimmers which reduce the light output to 20 % of its potential. The finish of the luminaire is white but it can be painted or even covered with wallpaper if requested.

It is not just for lighting, it also opens up new creative solutions.  You can paint or cover the surface of this lamp in order to better incorporate it with your interior design project. Imagine Al Decimo as an artist’s canvas, take inspiration from the works of Kazimir Malevich, the pioneer of geometric abstractionism and Russian avant-gardes.

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