The calendar you don’t need to buy every year. Keeping it simple, beautiful and sustainable – The Eternal Calendar, born in Denmark. The authors of the idea and creators are architect Eva Wandel and designer Rikke Nogel from Copenhagen. Their mission is to create great stories that could be a heritage for generations. Because this calendar will last for a lifetime.

The analog planner could be your favorite ritual. This is a smart way for slow living and starting your day by getting an overview of your time, plans and goals. Writing by hand helps you live a less stressful life and gives you an opportunity to plan your time with more mindfulness. That’s why what you see is a simple and strong graphic design with serious attention to details.

Let it be your memory keeper and reminder as well as an elegant interior object. On top of the calendar, you can set the date, day, month and year. On the bottom of the calendar, there are magnets for you to hang a pen or keys. The value of the written word will pay off in the future!