This thing is as full of features as you would expect from new gadgets in 2019, but it’s still impressive.

They’ve made some serious innovations with this model. Possibly, a lot of the features found in this recently released vacuum cleaner will serve as inspiration for the next-gen home gadgets of many other manufacturers.

Starting with the attachments. Attachments can vary but all four S12 packages have quite a lot of them.

All of them come with two batteries, several cleaner heads that are very high quality and serve specific needs reliably. Many of the attachments like the extension hose are very interesting and allow for some unique applications, including car cleaning. You can also get the S12 with a Wi-Fi camera that can clearly show you what’s going on under that couch.

A beautiful LCD screen with all the metrics you need to know like Power, Battery level, Current mode, Wi-Fi connection status as well as Malfunction indicators just like you would have in a car.

One of the cool features of this product is the iLoop sensor that adjusts the suction depending on the type of surface you are cleaning, delivering the highest possible performance with the least energy consumption.

It can pick up all kinds and sizes of debris without much effort and will leave your floors spotless in seconds. Check out more in the videos below or go directly to Tineco’s Amazon store by clicking the BUY button below the image.

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