Ambassador Translator’s Indiegogo campaign launched back in May of this year but now it’s been fully funded, though you can still order it at a very attractive price.

It’s being introduced as the highest quality interpreter for professionals and travelers of all background. It’s a two-piece over-the-ear interpreter. Each participant of the conversation wears a single Bluetooth-headset like earpiece and the Ambassador translates speech with higher accuracy than any other tool on the market.

The look is sleek and it is well designed with high audio quality. You can pair up to 4 Ambassadors to a single smartphone and it can translate 20 different languages and 42 dialects.

It features a special far-field microphone array that helps the device to naturally interpret people around you and then compress, translate and transmit the sound with a high degree of clarity.

For charging you would use Micro USB port, there is also visual feedback for translation, hygienic sharing design (which is important and not overlooked here) as well as a 450mhA battery, push-to-talk option and volume control.

Check out the official website by clicking the BUY button below the image.

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