Protect your stuff from theft in a vacation, travel, at the beach, in public area or any other place with Master Lock’s 5900D portable safe! This strongbox features a four-digit combination (set by yourself), a charging cable and earbud access port to conveniently listen to music or charge devices while locked, and an interior padded with shock absorbing foam. It all comes in 23.9 cm W x 57 mm H x 13.1 cm D.

Keep safe your smartphone, money, credit cards, passport, and jewelry! The best thing is you can secure the 5900D to a hard, fixed object with a cable. The cable also doubles as a convenient carrying handle while in transit. It wraps and locks conveniently around the outer edge of the safe for easy storage when not in use. The integrated braided cable is 20 inches in length and 4.75 mm in diameter.

The mini safe is durable and water resistant. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides mobility and peace of mind.

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