Zero Breeze Mark 2.0 is the second generation of Zero Breeze’s portable air conditioner. It’s currently the only battery-powered portable air conditioner on the market but with the specs and performance on this unit, do you really need another?

At only 6.5kg weight you can carry it around with ease and on a full charge it can deliver up to 5 hours of coolness. Though, to fully charge its huge 18,650mAh battery you’ll need another 5 hours or so.

The cooling power is quite impressive and it features an independent cold and hot exchange circulation system. Also comes with a high-performance compressor.

See the full details of the unit below and don’t forget to check out the YouTube videos below.

And if you feel like it’ll get hot anytime soon, check the IndieGoGo page where it’s already been funded 931% but you can still get one at a 46% discount if you hurry, by clicking on the BUY button below the image.

AC Parameters:

1. BTU Cooling Rating: 2300BTU/h 2. Working Mode: Cool, Fan(4 Levels), Sleep, Dehumidifier 3. Working Power: 220W 4. Input Voltage: 24VDC 5. Peak Current: 10A 6. Cooling Power: 675W 7. Energy Efficiency Ratio: 3.0 8. Weight: 6.5kg 9. Size: 518x245x280mm

Battery Parameters:

1. Capacity: 24V 630Wh (Working 3-5hrs in full charge) 2. Battery Type: 18650mAh LiPo 3. Full Charge Time: 5hrs 4. Weight: 4.5KG 5. Size: 520x216x58mm 6. Water-Resistant

New Technology on the Zero Breeze 2.0:

1. Independent cold and hot exchange circulation system 2. Sine Wave high-performance mini compressor 3. Drain-free system 4. Infrared intelligent remote control 5. Air conditioner and battery integrated design

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