Stereo headphones are almost a standard in the market today, is there anything more than just sound quality?

The mission of Zhocking Beats, in their own words, is to: “change the headphone industry standard with our latest patented technology SOUND FORCE 2.2, and bring REAL 4D vibration to headphones!”

You can still get in early on this new gadget of 2019. It’s just about to lift off with being around 10% funded already which means this is the best time to get your set of headphones for the super-early-bird price.

This innovation comes from Hong-Kong and promises to be about 40% lower in price compared to other vibration headphones with far better sound quality and functions.

We’ll still have to see how well Zhocking Beats deliver on this, but their patented Exclusive Vibration Technology – SOUND FORCE 2.2, seems promising so far. It is said to have an accurate 3D sound location with the vibrations corresponding to sound sources’ directions & strength.

In addition, these new vibrating headphones of 2019 will focus not only on Bass level but will add vibration to higher frequencies as well which should result in very real-sounding music, movie, and other media playback.

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