If you ever wondered how to display a sense of style and awareness of the current technological tendencies by just a single accessory then you have your answer now.

Try the Ziiiro Lunar Modern watch, it’s a pretty cool, water-resistant item to have on your wrist. It comes in two elegant looks, Lunar Black and Lunar Gold and tells the time in a rather unconventional way but actually, the idea is quite simple, pleasantly minimalistic. Two 50/50 watch face disks are used to represent the current time and if you check out Ziiiro’s homepage you can find out that the light represents the time that has passed while the dark represents the future.

After trying one of these watches you will understand that this one is for the bold, the brave, the one who seizes opportunities and lives each day in the moment and to the fullest while not losing track of what’s important.

Click on the buy button below the image which will take you to Ziiiro’s website where you can find out more.

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